Advanced Nuclear Technology International Europe AB provides training and knowledge in the areas of Fuel Material, Structural Material Degradation and Coolant Chemistry & Corrosion.


The Authors and Lecturers of the report/webinars are World Class Experts in their fields

Customer Feedback

Jianfei Wei

Fuel Engineer TCO EDF

The online education satisfied the continuous improvement requirements for a dozen colleagues from our department at different proficiency levels. Some of us took the course as a basic level stepping stone for subsequent role-specific training. Others used advanced/expert level courses to enjoy the knowledge transferring from renounced maestro of respective fields. As a supplementation we recommend examining the current ZIRAT annual report for latest progress. Covid-19 lockdown led to many restrictions whilst opening the opportunity for one to better one’s technical apprehension. The convenience of education at one’s own ease prompted a proposal and later a purchase order for 20 different A.N.T. International courses. The proposal satisfied a dozen or so colleagues’ continuous improvement requirements in thermal hydraulic, fuel material, structural material degradation and coolant chemistry & corrosion technical areas. Various subjects in each technical areas, with proficiency levels ranging from basic to expert, provide coverage impressive in terms of both breadth and profundity.

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