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The reliable, safe and economical performance of nuclear fuel depends on its design, the processes used for its fabrication and the environment for its operation. Each of these three areas requires strict Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) to assure that performance goals are achieved. The factors that control the quality are quite different in each of these areas, nevertheless they are interactive and the plant operator as well as the fuel vendor has to be aware of all of them. The trend to more demanding performance parameters and the competitive reload fuel market have resulted in a design evolution that could outpace experience. This has produced a renewed need for design reviews and associated audits to assure reliable fuel performance and maximize plant availability.

The overall objective of the Design Review is to assure that the fuel assembly or fuel reload will perform reliably at or above the contracted conditions with adequate margins to design limits and licensing limits for its intended exposure in the reactor.

During the course we will discuss the important technical areas that require auditing, list the detailed audits, prioritized in importance, to assist auditors make their decisions on what to do.

The course involves reading technical reports, watching webinars and participating in online assessments (tests). The course material, including the online content, can be accessed at times convenient for practicing Engineers and Managers.

When you have watched all the lectures you will be able to take the course exam. To pass this exam you need to complete the test with 70% correct answers. You have one hour (60 minutes) to finish the exam. If you fail to reach the 70% you may redo the test (up to 3 times). Once you have passed the exam you have completed this course. Well done! You will automatically receive an email with your certificate that you can print or share on social media including LinkedIn. If you need a printed certificate, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will send it to you via regular mail. You reach us at support@antinternational.com.

The PowerPoint-presentations are available for download on almost all lectures. You will find them just before the lectures starts. (Some presentations are only partial. We apologize for any inconvenience).

Please note that these PowerPoint-presentations are the actual file from the seminar that has been recorded. Therefore, there may occur spelling errors and/or less perfect pictures or slides. As the presentations are the expert's own material we have not edited them before making these lectures available online.

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Authors and Lecturers

The Authors and Lecturers of the reports/webinars are World Class Experts in their fields and are as follows:

About the Different Sections of this Course


The information in this section gives a brief overview of existing fuel vendors in the world as well as the latest fuel designs by the different fuel vendors.


The information covered in this section gives a short overview of Audit Procedures, Design Method Qualification, US Standards and Design QA System Audits.


In this section the course focuses on the Mechanical/Material Design Review/Audit of all fuel assembly components such as fuel rod, grid, guide tube, water rod, end pieces and skeleton.


The information in this section focuses on the Thermal-Hydraulic and Nuclear Design Review/Audit of all fuel assembly components.


Information covered include a description of the Loss-Of-Coolant Accident (LOCA), Reactivity Initiated Accident (RIA) and Seismic Design Base Accidents, their licensing criteria and their potential effects on the design. Margins and treatments of uncertainties are also described.

Course Duration

Please note that the time to read the literature may differ from reader to reader. We have given our approximation on the time required for reading. The below listed time for the lectures is the actual running time. More time may be needed to digest the information provided in this course.

  • Total time: around 70 hours (around 2 weeks for full time studies)
  • Reading: 60 h
  • Webinars: 7 h
  • 2 Exams: 2 h


The information presented in this course has been compiled and analysed by Advanced Nuclear Technology International Europe AB (ANT International®) and its subcontractors. ANT International has exercised due diligence in this work, but does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. ANT International does not assume any responsibility for any consequences as a result of the use of the information for any party, except a warranty for reasonable technical skill, which is limited to the amount paid for this course.

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