Thermal/Hydraulics in PWR Fuel

Basic course for PWR fuel engineers and technical managers | taught by A.N.T. International

Course description


Engineers are taught in school the basic fundamentals of the physical process involved in nuclear power generation. Once employed in the industry, the specific design and requirements of the finished fuel product are observed through day to day activities. Often what is missing is a clear path linking the relationship of the physics to the finished product. 

The design of this course is to cover the basic physical laws related to nuclear fuel and show how these directly affect the design, analysis, and operation of both the fuel and related reactor systems. The discussion will show the links from the fundamental equations to the fuel design, through the cycle analyses, and culminating with the operating limits in PWRs. The course will focus mainly on the thermal-hydraulic and neutronics of the fuel but will also include key fuel rod mechanical items. In addition, a short discussion will show real life examples of how application of basic fundamentals can explain observed operating anomalies. 

The course is designed for engineers or technicians who work with any aspect of nuclear fuel design, analyses, or operation in PWRs, including both on site as well as support staff.

This course involves watching webinars. The course material can be accessed at times convenient for practicing engineers and managers. The PowerPoint-presentations are available for download on almost all lectures. You will find them just before the lecture starts.

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Mr. Kenneth Epperson

Course duration

The below listed time for the lectures is the actual running time. More time may be needed to digest the information provided in this course and you may have to watch some lectures more than once.

  • Total time: around 4 hours 
  • Webinars: 4 h

Course parts

  • Basic Relationships, including key assumptions for PWR application
  • Relationship of key Components to Reaction Rate Equation
  • Safety Criteria for PWR Operation
  • Key parameters for Cycle Design and Analyses
Thermal Hydraulics
  • Basic Equations for PWR application
  • Forms of Heat Transfer in PWRs
  • Safety Criteria for Cycle Operation
  • DNB Protection in Fuel Cycle Designs
Fuel Rod Mechanical Design
  • Basic Equations and Relationships
  • Safety Criteria for Cycle Operation
Application of Fundamentals to Operating Anomalies
  • Reactor Instrumentation Characteristics
  • Crud Induced Power Shift (CIPS)
  • Reactor Coolant System flow changes


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