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    • Welcome to our Demonstration Course

    • Demonstational video of the training portal

    • Curriculum of our online lectures

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    Example content - this is an actual content from our courses!

    • Download the presentation and have it available when watching the lecture (next), just like if you were there!

    • Lecture: Normal Water Chemistry (NWC)

    • Presentation for upcoming lecture: Introduction and Background to Material Degradation

    • Lecture: Introduction and Background to Material Degradation

    • On the longer courses you also get to read real reports to gain even deeper knowledge - this is a report about Fuel Bundle Assembly from the course BWR Fuel Engineering

    • This report from PWR Chemistry Engineering is about PWR plants

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    What our customers say

    • Mr. Theo van Bloois

    • Mr. Andrew Sinclair

    • Dr. Christoph Weber

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    Get to know a few of our Experts

    • Dr. Ron Adamson

    • Dr. Sam Hettiarachchi

    • Dr. Francis Nordmann

    • Mr. Dewey Rochester

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    Final Exam

    • Try out our online test!